2-Person Rules

Adjusted for 2-Person Teams

The 2 person competition is very similar to the 4-person competition (see important rule notes below); companies may enter both 4-person and 2-person teams or just one or the other.

Important notes regarding 2-person teams:

  • At least one of the team members must have a valid CDL license. Team members will be asked to show this license at the Friday Banquet.
  • Members of a 4-person team may not be members of a 2-person team.
  • An individual identified as an “Alternate” may be an alternate for both a 4-person team and a 2-person team.
  • 2-person teams will compete against other 2 person teams.
  • 2-personteam registration includes the Friday Banquet and lunch on the day of the competition for both team members.
  • Awards will be given to the top three 2-person teams as well as to the best 2-person team in each event.

Rules for 2 person Team Competition

Rules for the 2-person Team competition are the same as for the 4 person Team competition, with the exception of those noted below:

For the Qualifying Events

  • 2-person teams will compete in the Hand Dig event utilizing a modified Hand Dig box. The 2-person Hand Dig box is the same as that used for the 4-person team competition except that the box is only 18″ deep. All other rules and event descriptions remain the same.
  • Teams may bring their own, customized shovels.
  • The 2-person Pipe Cut competition will use the same pipe as the 4-person competition (6” pipe). Teams must provide their own HS8-12 cutter wheels if they will be using Rodeo supplied cutters. Teams may bring their own, customized Rigid or Reed cutters and wheels. The National Gas Rodeo will provide Reed cutters if you do not wish to bring your own. If a Rodeo supplied cutter is damaged, the team will replace or repair the damaged cutter.

For the Relay

  • Relay event sequence will be Truck and Trailer to Egg Pickup to Mini Excavator to Regulator Bypass to Water Cooler.
  • 2-person teams will not compete in the Squeeze off.
  • Mini Excavator event will be either “Softball Pickup” or “Drop In The Bucket”. A random draw, conducted during the Friday banquet, will determine which event will be conducted. See the Rules for complete event descriptions.