Qualifying Events

Following is a description of each timed event. After completing these four events, the top 2 & 4 person teams (not to exceed fifteen (15) teams per group) will advance to compete in the Relay. Defer to the latest rules document and event FAQ for an up-to-date description of the event.

Meter Set

An assortment of fittings, service regulator, meter and meter gaskets will be available in a tote box. There will be extra fittings in the box that will not be needed. Pipe dope is not required. The meter set must be wrench tight, level and set to National Gas Rodeo standards. Gloves are not required for this event. Event is finished when Designated Person (wearing wristband) raises one or both hands.

Service Install

In this event, the team will install a service line with tracer wire from the 2” plastic main to the service riser bracket. This event will consist of 50’ of ½” plastic polyethylene pipe, approx 60’ of tracer wire, 2 x 1/2” plastic mechanical service punch tee, ½” perma sert coupling, ¾”x½”cts anodeless gas riser and tools to install the service.

Pipe Cut

A four-inch length piece of 6 inch-.250 wall pipe will be cut using your own or Rodeo-provided mechanical 4-wheel cutter. Teams must provide and use their own HS8-12 cutter wheels if they will be using the Rodeo supplied cutter. Cutters are closed prior to start of event and teams must have wheels loaded.

Hand Dig

There are five 4 inch yellow dots in the box, one in each corner and one in the center. A portion of each dot must be exposed. An approximate mix of 50% sand and 50% “pea gravel” will be used.