Please review all the rules prior to the National Gas Rodeo. The committee reviews and edits the *rules document annually. Frequently asked questions can be found here.

Any updates or rules changes will be posted here along with the updated rules document. We encourage you to check the website periodically for updated information. We will also announce the updated rules on the Rodeo Facebook page.

*Rules are updated as necessary. The most updated rules, dated 4/8/24, are now available.

General Rodeo Rules and Information

Team Names

Team names are used for reporting all event results and the winners. To prevent confusion, we are asking that all teams have unique names. Please exercise judgement in naming teams and avoid team names with inappropriate connotations. This is a professional and family event.

Safety Attire

Individuals are responsible for their own personal protective equipment and for wearing all safety attire.

NOTE: you will not be allowed to compete if you are not wearing proper safety attire for every event.

CDL License

At least one of the team members must have a valid CDL license. Team members will be asked to show this license at registration.


If a team is not ready for their event, they will be disqualified from that event.


All competitors should conduct themselves as professionals. Use of vulgar language will result in a 10 second penalty. Poor sportsmanship will result in a 30 second penalty. Gross unsportsmanlike behavior will result in disqualification. Definitions of “vulgar language” and “poor sportsmanship” and “gross unsportsmanlike” behavior are at the discretion of the Head Judge. Decisions of the Head Judge are final.


Only a Team Captain can protest a decision. All protests must be stated prior to signing the scorecard sheet. Decisions of an Event Captain may be appealed to the Head Judge. If the team involved is from the Head Judge’s company, the Head Judge will recuse himself and the decision will be that of the Rodeo Steering Committee Chair. All protests from the Qualifying Events must be resolved prior to the start of the Relay. Decisions of the Head Judge (or committee Chair, as noted above) are final.

Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather during the Rodeo, the Rodeo Steering Committee will meet to discuss options. In the event of rain, if three or more events have been completed, points will be totaled and winners will be announced. Safety will be of utmost importance in the decision.


Teams are requested to provide an Alternate

All teams are requested to provide an Alternate, though are not required to do so. The Alternate is in addition to the competing team members. The Alternate may be substituted into the competition for an injured team member. Injured team members may not return to the competition. Alternates not competing may be asked to assist at the Rodeo. *All alternates are asked to pay the meal fees.

Other Key Points

Team Fee includes Rodeo participation, Friday night banquet, Saturday lunch and Saturday Awards event for team members only. Team Alternates and guests require separate meal ticket registration.

All teams participate in Qualifying Events. The top four-person teams and top two-person teams from the Qualifying events participate in the Relay. The number of teams competing in the Relay depends on the total number of competing teams and is set by the Rodeo Steering Committee shortly before the competition. Generally, the top 12 four-person teams and top 12 two-person teams will compete in the Relay.

All team members should be familiar with the event descriptions, rules and drawings as well as the information contained on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

For questions contact Stacey Bonine at (651) 289-9600 x114.