In an effort to protect competitors and increase the safety of the Rodeo, we have switched the location of the participant/runner box on the Softball and Egg Pick-up events. We have also amended the Rules and penalties to reflect no transfer of the baton to the operator for these events as well as no participants running through the safety zone or stepping outside, on the line or over the line of the participant/runner box. See the individual event descriptions and layouts for detailed information.

The final event of the competition is the Rodeo Relay: a sequence of six events. A team member carries a baton from each station to the next and hands off the baton to another team member before starting the station event. The baton must be handed off. The team will choose the number of team members participating in any individual event. Safety attire must be worn during the entire Relay. Baton runners may exchange positions as long as 1 person remains in the box the entire time. Teams may not use whistles or air-horns as signals, as judges and time-keepers use these to start events and it may cause confusion on the course.

Note: The Relay for 2-person teams is different; it consists of the Truck & Trailer to Backhoe Event to Mini Excavator Event to Regulator Bypass to Water Cooler. Event descriptions and rules for the 2-person Relay events are the same as listed here.

STATION #1 – Truck and Trailer Back-Up

A truck and trailer will be maneuvered and backed into an alley of cones. The cones are positioned 9.6 inches out from the trailer wheel. The trailer must touch an additional cone placed in the center of the alley, without knocking it over and without knocking off the golf ball. The truck’s air brakes must be set before contestants can advance the baton to Station #2.

Operator must have commercial driver’s license or permit. Use of third gear at anytime will result in team disqualification from the competition. All drivers CDL will be confirmed prior to event start.

STATION #2 – Egg Pick-Up

Once the baton has been advanced to the safety zone area, s/he will attempt to pick up an egg with a spoon attached to the backhoe bucket. Once the egg pick-up has been made, the egg is to be placed in an 8 inch weld cap. Then the operator must return the backhoe bucket to the marked resting place and advance the baton to Station #3. The backhoe may be started at any time. A broken egg can not be put into the weld cup (broken defined as cracked and leaking fluid). The whole egg must be inside the weld cap.

STATION #3 – Pipe Squeeze (4-person only)

This event involves a squeeze off of 2 inch plastic pipe. The pipe will be pressurized to approximately 40 psig. The pipe will be a 2-way feed. This event will require the installation of 2 mechanical squeeze tools. The squeeze tools will be positioned in front of the area of the squeeze and will be open prior to the start of the event. The area for each team to squeeze will be identified in a designated area.

STATION #4 – Mini Excavator Event

Mini Excavator event will be the “Drop In The Bucket”. See the Rules for complete event descriptions.

STATION #5 – Regulator Bypass

Team members must connect the bypass hose to the union connections on the simulated regulator station. The hose is a 1 inch hydraulic hose approximately 36 inch long with 1 inch threaded unions on each end. There will be two pipe wrenches provided. When the hose has been connected, the valves may be opened or closed in any order. When the Regulator Station work has been completed, the wrench, if used, must be placed on the hook provided. The baton can now be advanced to Station #6.

STATION #6 – Water Cooler

This is the last stop in the relay. Each team member must empty a plastic cup filled with water, which has been placed on the water cooler table. The cup must be picked up and emptied using only the mouth. After emptying the cup, team members are free to use their hands to throw the cups in the trash. As soon as all four team members have disposed of their cups, they must throw their hand up to signal the completion of this event. Team members cannot start emptying their cups until the baton has been placed in the designated area and all four team members are present.

Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator