Frequently Asked Questions

Scoring: How is the champion determined?

The top 12 4-person and top 12 2-person teams advance to the Relay. Combined Relay and Qualifying Event scores will determine the champions.


Use of UAVs/drones on Rodeo grounds expressly prohibited without permission of MEA.

MEA Event Specific Policies
General Event Policies  |  Exhibitor Policies

How are protests resolved?

Only a Team Captain can protest a decision. All protests must be stated prior to signing the scorecard sheet. Decisions of an Event Captain may be appealed to the Head Judge. If the team involved is from the Head Judge’s company, the Head Judge will recuse himself and the decision will be that of the Rodeo Steering Committee Chair. All protests from the Qualifying Events must be resolved prior to the start of the Relay. Decisions of the Head Judge (or committee Chair, as noted above) are final.

When is the hard hat and eye protection penalty assessed?

The penalty is assessed when the hard hat or eye protection hits the ground. If the hard hat or eye protection falls off, but does not hit the ground, it is not a penalty.

What tools should a team bring with them?

Cutting Wheels, Gloves, Work Boots, Safety Glasses. Customized shovels and pipe cutters may be brought as well.

What is Trade Time?

Trade Time is an opportunity for team members, vendors and guests to “trade” items with other teams. This is done at the banquet on Friday evening. Popular trading items have been shirts, hats, water coolers, etc. with company logo.

Define leather work boots.

Leather work boots must meet the team’s company work boot policy. No athletic shoes.

Define T-shirts worn during the events.

Sleeves must be 8 or more inches long and NO rolled up sleeves allowed.

Define Safety Attire.

Individuals or Teams will not be allowed to compete if you are not wearing all of the following in every qualifying event and the relay: Hard Hats, Eye Protection, Work Boots and Sleeved Shirts (short or long). Work gloves are required for the Pipe Cut and Hand Dig events only.

If I need help setting up an in-house Rodeo who do I contact?

Bob Cavaliere, (718) 836-2197.

Where can I get a Rodeo logo or emblem?

Once available, an announcement will be made on the Rodeo Facebook page, and they can be found on the Rodeo homepage.

Who can I contact to get on the Rodeo Mailing List to receive future mailings?

Complete this form.

Who can I contact with other Rodeo questions?

Contact Team Captains for event-specific questions or John Gann (651) 289-9600 x105 for non event-specific questions.

Service Installation Questions

The cutter assembly inside the tee tower is found at differing depths from the manufacturer. Will the tee be in the original bag from the manufacturer, or will it be open and the cutter positioned equally for each tee? Where will the cutter be positioned?
a. at the top of the tee tower
b. as delivered from the manufacturer
c. a given depth from the top of the tee tower (what is this depth?)
Prior to the day of the Rodeo we will open every bag and run the cutter assembly to the top of the tee tower and then put the tee assembly back in the original bag and staple close.

Does everyone tape the pipe to keep it coiled up? Is that a standard?

The pipe will be taped prior to the start of the event. Wire is not taped.

Will the tee be intact with the base installed and the bolts tightened down, or will the tee be unassembled and the parts only needing to be put together?

The tee will be intact with the base and the bolts tightened enough to hold the base to the tee.

What does this mean…“Running cutter down before the service is completed”? When all the stab fittings are secure, is the service complete since it is intact? What makes the service complete?

All components must be completely installed before the wrench can be placed in the cutter and the cutter is run down.